Buyer’s Home Inspection

Whether this is your first home or your last, it is always important to obtain a home inspection from a qualified professional like Craig Farmer.

During your home inspection, Craig will evaluate all the major parts of your home including the heating and cooling systems, structure, electrical, plumbing and more. This allows you to be confident in making an informed home purchase decision.

A professional home inspection helps identify the systems and components that exist in your home, determine their condition, and if they are functioning.

The most important person in a home inspection is you – the customer. For this reason, we include you in the process, so you receive all the information that you need to feel confident in your home decision.

Craig invites you to participate in the inspection process, so that he can discuss the status of each area, and anything that may be found there. Craig will also recommend items that you may want to consider updating or providing regular maintenance on.

When a home inspection isn’t performed by a qualified professional, you as the buyer could end up with issues or defects that could cost you thousands in repairs – and its almost completely avoidable a quality home inspection from Craig Farmer.


Seller’s Home Inspection

Most people think that a home inspection is only for the buyer because they want to know what the true condition of the home is that they are planning to buy, but sellers are wise to get a home inspection as well.

By getting a seller’s home inspection, you can know the true status of your home before anyone else, which gives you the upper hand at the negotiation table. It helps you avoid potential conditions that could alter or delay a sale.

Unknown problems could hinder you at the negotiations table and as a result, force you to assume the repairs, reduce the selling price, or cause the buyer to revoke their offer.

A home inspector, like Craig Farmer, is trained to look for and see what most people are not. He acts as an impartial detective and judge. With his help, you can determine what may need repaired prior to listing your home for sale.


New Construction Inspections

With any large purchase, like buying a new home, it’s important to have a professional’s advice. Just because a house has recently been built, doesn’t mean that it was done correctly or that the upgrades were inspected. Even if the builder says the home has already been “inspected”, it is important to do one because things can get missed by a city inspector, or issues sometimes do not reveal themselves until later.

Again, a home inspector is an independent, third-party that can give you an impartial look at the construction and upgrades to ensure nothing crucial has been overlooked. An inspector, like Craig Farmer, can also tell you if upgrades really add value to the home or if they were done on the cheap.

Its critical for you to protect your money and time, and there is no better way to do that then by having a home inspection done by a trusted professional like Craig.